EERA Shale Gas Joint Program

SP1: Assessment of Shale Gas Potential

The aim of this Sub Programme SP1: “Assessment of Shale Gas Potential,” is to address the need to conduct scientifically robust assessments of the shale gas resources in Europe. It is the intention of this sub task to scientifically improve the key parameters and optimize the methodology in assessing shale gas resources and thereby quantify the shale gas resources assessment risks. The end goal is to develop a standard shale gas resource assessment methodology for EU.

The SP1 programme of work is divided into three work packages (WP) that are delineated to stimulate innovation in the various key disciplines of shale gas geosciences.

Basin scale architecture is the first work-package which is concerned with all methods and approaches that can be used to improve the characterisation of organic bearing shale formations at both the regional and the local (i.e. bedrock stratum or outcrop) levels and will impact significantly our confidence in estimates of technically recoverable reserves. 

The second work-package will focus research and development of sedimentary rock typing approaches at the very small scale in space and is untitled Micro-scale characterisation. It involves all laboratory measurement techniques and experimental workflows to characterise the nature and geochemical properties of organic matter and mineral composition and evaluate the fine structure of the porous space in the rocks, its fluid content capacity, its permeability, its texture and its flow and mechanical properties (strength, brittleness), and their inter-relationships.

Integration of knowledge, concepts, good practice approached and standardised experimental protocol will be covered by the third work package Methods for Shale reserves estimation. In this work package the expected deliverables should result in new guidelines and convincing demonstration of the gain in prediction that new techniques can achieve with respect to the current inventory of the shale gas resource in the European sedimentary basins.